Friday, October 20, 2017

New Music Friday #30 [Massive Playlist]

1. Alice Girl - "Cri"

2. Austen - "Storm"

3. Charlotte Bash - "Princess Game"

4. Charlotte Lawrence - "Sleep Talking"

5. Danelle Sandoval - "High Til"

6. Eitch - "Give Me Ur Name"

7. Emmelie de Forest - "Any Less"

8. Esther Vallee - "Numbers"

9. EXES & Jome - "Better Better"

10. Fever High (feat. Jeff Goldblum) - "Good Advice"

11. I Am Harlequin - "Minimal"

12. Jaira Burns - "High Rollin"

13. Jinka - "Flesh To White To Black To Flesh"

14. LKA - "Next To You"

15. LOOP - "Maybe I'm A Liar"

16. Miranda Glory - "Take"

17. Morgan Saint - "For God's Sake"

18. MOONZz - "Howlin'"

19. Ness Nite - "Expectations"

20. Only Girl - "Stone"

21. Satica - "You Are Here"

22. Sea Rae - "Watch Me"

23. Shenna - "Magenta"

24. Woodes - "Dots"

Five For Friday #Remixes

1. Hannah Jane Lewis - "Raincheck" (Jack Fickle Friends Remix)

2. Rina Sawayama - "Alterlife" (Seiho Remix)

3. Sam Bruno - "Hello Hater" (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

4. SIPPRELL - "Trust Issues" (ORCHARDS. Remix)

5. Tei Shi - "Say You Do" (Dream Beach Remix)

Sophie Rose - Two Young Lovers

Having recently lent her vocal talents to Sam F and TastyTreat's latest collaborative banger, "Wavy", as well as Sam F's "Limitless", which has so far amassed over 10 million plays across streaming platforms, emerging Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Sophie Rose has today unveiled her new solo single called "Two Young Lovers", which she wrote and produced herself. "Two Young Lovers" highlights the bittersweet beauty of a fleeting romance over fresh, minimal production while also offering us a glimpse into Sophie’s bright future as a rising pop artist. At 17 years old, Sophie has written close to 500 songs, collaborated with some of the top writers and producers in pop music, and is currently signed to a publishing joint venture between hit songwriter Ester Dean and Dr. Luke's Prescription Songs.

Listen to "Two Young Lovers" below.

"Two Young Lovers" is available now on iTunes.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beth Mendes - Like Me

British singer/songwriter Beth Mendes has today unveiled her debut single called "Like Me", which she co-wrote with Jimi Charles Moody. The apparent sweetness of her vocal delivery belies the deeper emotional depth of her music and the stories she tells. Based on real life experiences of dealing with a bad breakup, "Like Me" combines honest and heart-wrenching lyrics, ethereal vocals, and a melodic beat to create a beautifully melancholic pop song.

Listen and watch the video for "Like Me" below.

"Like Me" is available now on iTunes.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Late Night Gems #38

1. Alli Fitz - "Disease"

2. Emily Frost - "Plastic"

3. Flavia Abadía - "Attitude"

4. Fleur - "Never Gonna Change"

5. Gabi Sklar - "Liberteens"

6. Gabriela Francesca - "Blah Blah Blah"

7. Hannah Trigwell - "Nobody"

8. J'Danna - "All I Need"

9. Jessica Frech - "Dopamine"

10. Kierra - "Contradiction"

11. Lauren Taveras - "Into This"

12. Madyx - "Jupiter"

13. Shel Bee - "2 Late"

14. Sita - "Don't Say You Love"

15. Zosia - "Water"