Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vanessa Elisha - Under My Skin

Australian R&B singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha steps back into the spotlight today with the release of her sensual new single called "Under My Skin". Produced in collaboration with LOXE, who's best known for his work with UK artist NAO, "Under My Skin" is seductive R&B-tinged gem with just the right amount of pop sensibility. The beat hits hard, in perfect synergy with Vanessa's provocative performance. "Under My Skin " also serves as the first in a series of new singles that Vanessa plans to release over the next few months.

Listen to "Under My Skin " below.

"Under My Skin " is available now on iTunes.


Holander - Something Real

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Holander has just unveiled her new brand new single called "Something Real." Complete with shiny synths, a dancey hook, and Holander's delicate vocals, "Something Real" is a millennial call to deal with the void we’re all longing to fill. Taking on a party girl persona, she sees the numbness around her and tries to make sense of why people look for comfort in the synthetic feelings from drugs. Singing: "I'm just trying to feel something real," Holander wants listeners to look past party culture and find that basic human need to connect and feel purpose beyond our lifeless, digital world. It's as groovy as it is introspective, ironically making it a perfect addition to your next party playlist.

"Something Real" is also the first release under Carly Harpur Hollander’s new pseudonym Holander. Her previous single "Satellite" garnered over 16,500 streams on Spotify in just a few short months. Huffington Post called her melodies "cogent, vivacious and attractive, with lyrics that avoid the mundane banalities associated with most electro-pop tunes."

With "Something Real." Holander further establishes herself has a key player in the Los Angeles electro-pop scene by bringing a fresh, innovative perspective and perfect ear for production. This is just the beginning to a big 2018 for Holander as she will also be performing at Women Fuck Shit Up Fest in Los Angeles on February 24th.

Listen to "Something Real" below.

Premiere via CelebMix.


Monday, February 19, 2018

TRACE - Blood and Bones

Following last year's release of her 4-song debut EP, Low, which to date has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify, as well as her follow-up singles, "Oh My My" and "You Don't Know Me," the latter having hit No. 1 on Hype Machine and earning her comparisons to Lana Del Rey and James Blake, Los Angeles-based Vietnamese-American singer/songwriter TRACE returns with her first offering of 2018 called "Blood and Bones", produced by Jimmy Harry (Oh Land, Kylie Minogue) and mixed by Morning Estrada (Ty Dolla Sign, Aminé).

TRACE penned the song about the "misinterpreted allure" that often accompanies unrequited love (or lust), and wanting someone you feel you understand, when in reality that desire is just "an infatuation."

"There's something so romantic about seeing someone for the first time and feeling like you know them already – or at the least, know everything about them," TRACE explains.
"You start to fall for the person you've already made them out to be in your mind, getting caught up in your own ideas about them. Even better when they’re out of reach or unexpected. It's a romantic fantasy when someone lives up to your imagination about them. 'Blood and Bones' is my way of admitting that underneath the decorative and detailed surface of me, there’s a truth I'll keep from you."

Listen to "Blood and Bones" below.

"Blood and Bones" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via C-Heads Magazine.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 26 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Alexandra Stan - "Mami"

2. Ali Brustofski - "Oh No!"

3. Alison Wonderland - "Church"

4. Ängie - "Dope"

5. Beatrice Eli - "That's Not Us"

6. Beca - "In Deep Love"

7. Birdflipper - "Don't Want Your Body"

8. Blossom Caldarone - "Fickle Friend"

9. bülow - "Not A Love Song"

10. Cali Rodi - "Party Favor"

11. G Flip - "About You"

12. Gaby Zacara - "Dutty Love"

13. JOY. - "Change"

14. Kelsy Karter - "Too Many Hearts to Break"

15. Loop - "Give 'n' Take"

16. Malory - "Nuclear Brandy"

17. Marshmello & Anne-Marie - "Friends"

18. Naaz - "Loving Love"

19. Nova Miller - "Turn Up The Fire"

20. Paloma Faith - "'Til I'm Done"

21. ROE - "Wasted.Patient.Thinking."

22. Tayá (feat. Lotto Boyzz) - "Skin"

23. Toni Romiti - "Boyfriend"

24. UPSAHL - "Kiss Me Now"

25. Veronica Vega - "Team No Sleep"

26. Winnie Ford - "Take Cover"

Friday, February 16, 2018

New Music Friday #45

1. Bellhouse - "On a Night Like This"

2. Bloodboy - "Sex Crime"

3. Buzzy Lee - "Coolhand"

4. Carlie Hanson - "Us"

5. Chelsea Cutler - "Out Of Focus"

6. Cloves - "Bringing The House Down" (Stripped)

7. Drew - "Keeping Up"

8. DYLN x Whole Doubts - "Piece Of You"

9. Goldilox - "Michael's Song"

10. HAIZ - "Talking Sh*t"

11. Hanne Hukkelberg - "Figure Father"

12. Hanne Mjøen - "Vanilla"

13. Heather Jayne - "Let Me In"

14. Jessica Foxx - "Cake"

15. Kittie Harloe - "Medicine"

16. Meg DeLacy - "Red Wine"

17. Ruth Koléva - "I Don't Know Why"

18. ROZES x Nicky Romero- "Where Would We Be"

19. Rxchelle - "Emotional"

20. SAMIA - "Django"

21. Tsar B - "Rattlesnake"

22. Vi - "Blackwater"

23. Woodes - "Origami"

24. ZAE - "F.W.U."